Homeowners Wheelchair Destroyed in House Fire 

Fire tore through a home in Pittsfield Monday night, destroying everying inside, including a very important piece of medical equipment.” First information was that the occupants were still inside, which always makes for kind of a high pucker factor.”Thankfully, when Pittsfield Fire Chief Bernard Williams arrived on Estelle Street, everyone in the home was safely outside. But there was quite a blaze going on.”Fire was blowing out of the center door, this end, the back side,” described Williams.”It actually even melted the refrigerator inside, so it was pretty intense,” said Robert Hackley Junior.Hackley’s parents lived in the home and two other family members were also inside at the time.”My dad when he left, he literally was just in his, ya know, his underwear, pretty much when he left. He had no shoes on. My mom had no shoes, lost everything that’s imaginable,” said Hackley Jr..Hackley’s dad has Multiple Sclerosis and lost something vital to his health in the fire. ”His wheelchair got melted in the house. He has MS. He has many different problems. My mom has epilepsy and osteoporosis. So they’re both very handicapped people.”Family members say they’re trying to help as much as they can, but it’s tough financially.They say they’re just glad everyone got out of the burning house safely.The Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating what sparked the blaze.