8th Graders Get To Experience High School 

There were a few more 9th graders in the state today,if only for a few hours.Hundreds of 8th grade students participated in John Bapst’s Step-Up day, an annual event that showcases what the high school has to offer.Potential students were led around by John Bapst Juniors and Seniors.While they may not attend the same school as their tour guides yet, they did have one thing in common says Principal David Armistead.”They’re tour leaders our our students, very often from the same town.”Some 8th graders are already planning their extracurricular activities. 8th grader Rachel Graves says “Field Hockey and Band, and I think Key Club… i think that sounds very nice.”There was emphasis on academics too.”They hear presentations on each curricular activity area. so they’ll hear a short presentations on English, they’ll hear one on social studies, they’ll hear one on math, one on science.”And all that hard work pays off, says Junior Ryan Jennings.”The whole college preparatory experience has really gotten me ready for college and i’m looking through majors in colleges for what I’m going to do now.”To wrap up the day, students got to see what a high school pep rally looks like complete with cheerleaders and all.