Phase Two of Hofland Trial 

Jurors were back in court on Monday for the next step in the trial of Randall Hofland. This time it’s to determine whether he was insane when he kidnapped a group of elementary school students.A jury found him guilty Friday of thirty-eight of the forty counts against him.Monday marked what is called phase two of the trial, and in Hofland’s opening statement he told the jury he was the victim of a government conspiracy.He says that in the days leading up to the incident at Stockton Springs Elementary School police had pushed him over the edge because of abuse in the courts and streets. Hofland’s first witness was doctor Ann Leblanc, the psychologist who evaluated him after his arrest.Leblanc testified that she believes Hofland has a delusional disorder.She says he’s obsessed with the idea of a conspiracy, and he told told her he needed to shine a light on it.Leblanc says Hofland believed holding students hostage at the school was the way to get the publicity he needed.We were able to catch up with Hofland on his way out of court.Reporter: “How would you describe your mental state the day you went into Stockton Springs Elementary?Randall Hofland: “Cold, wet, dirty.Reporter: “Would you consider yourself insane?Randall Hofland: “I was definitely stressed.”Reporter: “Why’s that?Randall Hofland: “Think about it. Have you ever had a bunch of people point their guns at you and threaten to shoot you?”Monday’s proceedings ended with Hofland on the stand.The jury is expected to hear the rest of his testimony on Tuesday.If they determine he was insane, the District Attorney’s office says he would be committed to a psychiatric facility.