Propane Leak Update 

Sections of I-395 near Brewer remain shut down as crews work to clean up a propane leak in the area.The propane leak happened at an industrial storage tank at the Irving Oil in Brewer.Several roads are closed in Brewer including I-395 at the South Main Street exit.LT. Chris Martin with the Brewer Police Department says in an event like this, residents safety is their biggest concern and because of this several folks within a 2,000 foot radius had to be evacuated.The city of Brewer opened up the auditorium for folks to go to for shelter.” Well obviously a major concern is because it’s flammable obviously is an explosion. The second thing is it’s a heavy gas and you could also experience breathing issues.”” We do serve as a community shelter when the community needs it. We are fully equipped with cots, blankets, kennels for dogs and generators. So in times like this when necessary we’re here to help serve.”Martin says their hope is to have everything cleaned up and opened back up by 11 pm.