Waterville Hockey’s Katy Massey Determined to Play at UMaine 

The Waterville high school hockey team is one of the most storied programs in the state. This year’s team is a little different than previous years. On their front line is a girl, Katy Massey. The senior is one of the Panthers top players and she’s looking to continue her career at the college level. She says she has the talent and determination to accomplish that goal.***For Waterville’s Katy Massey, playing for the Panthers is hopefully a step to the next level. The senior hopes to play college hockey at Umaine.”I just really like the idea of representing my state that I’ve lived in and played for me entire life and I think it’d be really cool to stay that way.”Katy Massey has been on the team since her freshman year and was a part of Waterville’s state championship team in 2009. Her sister, Lauren, is a junior and also plays for Waterville.”She brings a lot of confidence for me personally. Whenever I’m hard on myself, she’s always the one there to pick me up.””She helps me in a lot of ways. She gives me confidence. We’re definitely very encouraging towards each other. It’s not just one way.”Katy has made the most of her opportunities this season. So far, she has three goals and 12 assists. She wants to be treated as just another member of the team but for every game, she has to suit up in an empty locker room.”I definitely didn’t want any special treatment from them. I wanted to be treated just as all the other players were. They really do that. They don’t treat me any differently but I don’t get picked on or anything either.”Sometimes on the ice, she is a target for opposing players but it’s only given her more motivation.”I know the best way to get back at someone is to score and I’ve done that but, I’ve also knocked some one over, a couple people over before which is pretty cool.”