Veteran Makes Mugs for Soldiers 

90-year-old Henry Stupakewicz is a veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam.” My job in World War Two was a bomb disposal. In the other two wars, it was explosive ordinance disposal.”Henry’s been retired for a few years now. He used to own a pottery shop in Dover and he’s still using his wheel, but strictly for enjoyment.”What I make is not good enough to sell, but good enough to give away,” said Stupakewicz with a laugh.That’s just what he’s doing: sending love and hope to those currently deployed, including his nephew, Major Scott Bager.”He had already been to Afghanistan. When he went to Iraq, I gave him a couple of mugs to take with him.”The mugs were a big hit with the soldiers in the unit. Henry’s nephew asked him if he could make eight mugs using the unit’s colors, sand and orange.Live every good soldier, Henry reported for duty. The mugs are made and ready to be shipped.” That’s a man sized mug and soldiers like man-sized mugs. I’ve never seen any of them who want a little teacup.” They may not want a teacup, but Henry says he knows from experience, what soldiers do want, is to know people are thinking of them while they’re away at war.” This is another little taste of home and it’s not important in itself, but the idea that someone thought to send it to you is important and that’s why I want to make the guys feel that we still remember them at home.”Henry is a member of the Hammond Street Senior Center in Bangor, where we caught up with him.He’s currently working on bowls that will be used at a potters lunch at the center in March.