Milford Fire Department Unveils New Brush Truck 

Firefighters in Milford showed off their newest member today – a brand new brush truck. It’s replacing a retired military truck that’s about 40 years old. The department was able to buy the brush truck with the help of a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. That paid the bulk of the bill – $125,000. The town then had to come up with about $6,000 more. Chief Chris Matson says the new brush truck is much more versatile than its predecessor. “That truck was pretty much limited to used on dry roads. And it didn’t really have a heater in it. This truck will be useful year round for service calls, utility calls, things like that, as well as brush fires and wood fires in the spring and summer.”Matson says the crew is pretty excited about the addition to their arsenal.He says he hopes this truck with last the department about 15 or 20 years.