Enough Signatures Collected for Two Referendums 

Enough signatures have been collected to allow voters to make the final decision on two major projects in Bangor.According to the City Clerk’s Office, Bangor police dispatcher Jim Morrill turned in the more than 2,200 signatures needed to force a referendum on city dispatch services.Morrill is behind an effort to overturn the council’s decision to combine Bangor’s dispatch with Penobscot County Regional Dispatch.Councilors approved combining services, saying the city’s basically been double-billed for emergency dispatch by paying both Bangor police and Penobscot County.Morrill believes voters should make the decision.Enough signatures have also been collected by the group that wants taxpayers to decide if Bangor should build a new arena.Long time basketball coach Bob Cimbollek has been leading the effort.Councilors voted to spend nearly $800,000 to get final site plans for the proposed arena, which is projected to cost about $65-million. Bangor city councilors will hold a special meeting on Monday, February 7th to schedule a public hearing on both referendums.