Maine Non-Profit Day In Augusta 

Maine’s non-profit sector was on display at the State House on Thursday. The event gave some organizations the chance to show lawmakers the importance of the services they provide to their communities.Organizers said it was a day to recognize Maine’s non-profit organizations and all the work they do. “I mentioned to one of the legislators that we don’t get any tax dollars and he said, well what are you here for,” said Dana Mosher, Executive Director at Camp Capella. Scott Schapp, the Executive Director of the Maine Association of Non-Profits says they’re here to show lawmakers what non-profit organizations are all about. There’s more than 2000 non-profits in the state that provide more than just needed services to their communities. “They also provide an awful lot of good jobs around the state as well,” said Schapp. “So not only are we an economic impactor, we’re also providing community impact around the state as well.”Organizations like the Augusta Food Bank, which helps feed people in need, to child welfare agencies like Maps Worldwide, which helps struggling families and makes sure Maine’s children grow up in safe, secure homes.