Hofland Trial Continues 

Closing arguments are expected sometime Friday in the trial of Randall Hofland who is accused of holding students hostage at Stockton Springs Elementary school in 2008.On Thursday, Hofland continued his testimony, telling the jury that when he went to the school that day he had no intention of hurting anybody. He said that he was there for a higher purpose.Hofland testified at no point did he feel like he was holding the children hostage.When the state cross examined, the District Attorney asked Hofland how the fifth grade teacher reacted when he entered her classroom with a gun. “She was bouncing around like a toy top,” Hofland said. “It was literally something I’ve never seen anyone do before. I was very, very calm. She was hysterical.”Hofland went on to say that he wanted to talk to the children about how broken families and divorces can hurt them.He said he was interested in the life histories of the students.