Volunteers Serve Up Hot Meals for Those Less Fortunate 

”When I first heard about it, I always wanted to come. I wanted to start the first day,” said Kenny Pelkey.The 22-year-old remembers when he first heard about Downeast Horizons, a program that helps people with developmental disabilities.Since he started, he says he’s become a different person.”It feels good, really good, I met new friends and stuff out of this program,” he said.Wednesday, he and other participants changed roles. Instead of receiving assistance, they gave assistance at the Salvation Army kitchen by serving hot meals to those less fortunate.It’s one of the many programs offered by Downeast Horizons that helps participants get involved in the community.”This is a very endearing population these are individuals we don’t shun from our society anymore, we bring them into our society and they give so much back,” said Executive Director Anthony Zambrano.Zambrano says by serving the meals, they learn meal preparation, safety and practice communication.Each of the activities within the program serve a specific purpose.”What we do is focus on the individual and what their needs are so they can do what you and I do every day in the community.”Captain Tim Clark with the Salvation Army says Downeast Horizons has been a big contributor to their community, helping the kitchen once a month and filling in as needed.”It benefits us, it benefits them. It’s a really good relationship all around.”For participants like Pelkey, the relationships he’s created in and out of the community are just as valuable as the lessons Downeast Horizons have taught him.