Randall Hofland Takes the Stand in His Trial 

The trial of a man accused of taking a classroom full of elementary school students hostage in 2008 continues in Belfast.Wednesday Randall Hofland took the stand.Wednesday morning, two male students from the Stockton Springs Elementary School took the stand. Bryant White, a former Lt. for the Waldo County Sheriff’s Department, also testified via phone.One of the boys testified he asked Hofland what type of gun he had and if it was loaded. Hofland said the gun was not loaded, the boy also said he never saw Hofland point the gun at anyone. The boy testified that Hofland handed the gun to him, and let him turn it over to the police. Lt. White testified that while the school was on code blue, he listened over the intercom. He said he heard Hofland tell the students the police were trying to illegally arrest him and they were his protection.Wednesday afternoon, Hofland took the stand. He said the night of the traffic stop, he did not have a gun in his hand and did not point it at officer Jessica Danielson. He says he thinks it was his black cell phone case that Danielson saw and she thought was a gun. He also said that on the night of the traffic stop, police lost sight of him and he says at times he was within feet of him and they couldn’t see him. As for the incident at the school, Hofland said he didn’t want anything to happen to him or the kids and he didn’t want a bloody mess.At one point during Hofland’s testimony when he was talking about his wife not letting him see his kids, he had to stop as he began tearing up.Hofland will continue his testimony Thursday morning.