Local Students on the Job Hunt 

Dressed to impress with resumes in hand, University of Maine students are taking on the job market. “I’ve been coming to every job fair since my freshman year, so every year I’ve been able to get an internship.” When Kellsey Hall graduates from UMaine, she’ll have her degree along with a list of potential employers. “It’s really helped my networking skills and given me the confidence to go up to companies and talk to them.”Along with hundreds of other students, she’s been taking advantage of the school’s annual job fair, which attracted more than 80 potential employers this year. “I’m hoping it can lead to some interviews, maybe. I’m not guaranteeing it will get a job, but it would be good to get some interviews,” said one student. “This is a wonderful format for different companies to come to share what their services are.”And to meet students of the past who could be an employer in their future. “Because we’ve done it long enough now, a number of the employers who are here recruiting students now got their start by coming to the career fair when they were students, so it comes full circle,” said UMaine’s Career Center Director, Patty Counihan. One of those students has enough experience with the fair to tell students exactly what turns an employer off. “If somebody is chewing gum, and swears, and isn’t paying attention.”If they can avoid those mistakes, students could walk away with a post-grad plan.