Students Bring Online Magazine to UMaine 

In December, UMaine seniors Shaina Dennis and Macey Hall decided they wanted to add a little spice to campus so they got the approval to bring to UMaine. “It’s not super uptight or stuffy or anything. It’s just relaxed, sort of has a bloggish feel to it,” said Macey Hall. It’s a national online magazine geared toward college women. Dennis and Hall are campus correspondents, bringing readers stories on interesting topics relating to the University of Maine.”Fashion, style, health, sex, love, beauty. All kinds of different things,” described Shaina Dennis.Right now, it’s a two woman project, but the ladies are looking to increase their staff. They’re hoping other girls will jump on board.”As long as they have a passion for what we do and they want to be involved and they have the time and responsibility for it,” said Dennis.While the magazine is aimed at the female Black Bears, guys can get something very important out of the online magazine as well.”Insight into the infamous women’s minds and what every guy wants to know about women in general,” said Dennis. You can check it out at