Music Brings Together Young and Old in Bangor 

An international program that focuses on music and movement is bringing young and old together in Bangor.Kindermusik uses fun ways to teach toddlers some of the basics of life – along with the help of those who’ve already lived a lot.With the program, playtime is learning time for young children. And for the seniors at Sunbury Village in Bangor, it’s a lot of fun, too. Francis Spire says, “I’ve never had kids of my own so it gives me a chance in a way, you know. They’re nice and stuff and they like to play and we like to play with them.”Teacher Ann Forsing says, “I think there’s symbiosis or magic that happens here between the elderly and the children and the elderly just absolutely wait and love having the children here. plus they love the music – two perfect things, kids and music together.”Forsing teaches the 15-week class, which uses music as a tool to help little ones learn how to share, listen to directions and play with others, of all ages.Dorothy Bridges says, “I like to see how they’re organized and what they can get them to do happily. And it’s so nice to see young people taking care of them and we can sit here and watch them.”Isabelle Long’s been taking the class for the last year and a half. Her mom, Jennifer, says she’s done a lot of growing because of it.”When we first started, she was on the shy side and she’s welcomed and opened since doing kindermusik, huh? hahaha!”She’s also discovered, like others, that music can join generations, with just a few simple notes. As Forsing says, “They all give hugs, they all get hugs, it’s just a real feel good class.”The 15-week session in Bangor officially gets started next week.You can learn more about the classes by logging on to