Major Industry to Create Jobs 

More than a million dollars worth of mussels, just going to waste.”Right now, we’re having a difficult time moving our mussels. I have an abundance of, roughly estimating, three million pounds of mussels in the water that are ready to move right now and we just can’t move them.”Newfoundland mussel farmer, Trenton Johanson, has to rely on a ferry boat to get his product to Novia Scotia before it can reach the U.S.When it’s delayed or has no space, millions of pounds of mussel expire before it can even be delivered. “It’s not to the point yet where we’re in serious, serious trouble, and if we don’t start getting this project on the go, it could be detrimental.”He joined members of the Northeast Coast Mussel Growers Association to pitch a pilot project that would allow them to work out of Steuben.”The rationale for the facility is to wet store blue mussels farmed in Newfoundland, here in Maine,” said Lucas Eveleigh, who is heading the effort. In a meeting with state representatives, the Association proposed leasing the Bushy Enterprise plant in Steuben to grow the mussels. It’s a plan that would cost more than 6-hundred thousand dollars to put together, but the plant’s President, Faye Bushey, says it’s completion could bring long term benefits to the area. “Jobs are very hard to come by down here, and we’re looking at 10-12 permanent people more in the busy season for part time help.”In order to get up and running, the plant will need state and federal help.”Newfoundland mussel growers might have problems because they’re Canadian growers and finding federal money or state funds. It’s harder to find out of foreign companies to get financing,” said Jessie Logan, a staff assistant for Senator Collins.However, if the growers can gain support from their government, local financing is likely to follow.