Maine Men’s Hockey Team Performing Well in the Classroom as Well as the Ice 

UMaine is the only division one school in the state. Although many athletes come to umaine with aspirations of playing professionally, most realize that they must take advantage of the academic challenge as well. Tim Throckmorton with more.***Tim Whitehead – Maine Head Coach”The players treat it as a priority and we give them incentives in the end it has to come from them and they’ve done it again.”What the hockey team has done is earn a team grade point average over 3.0 for the 7th straight semester. Jeff Dimmen – Maine Defenseman”You’re not just here to play hockey student athlete you have to take studies seriously cause hockey can only take you so far no matter how good you are.” Jeff Dimmen is one of three on the hockey team with a 4.0. The other two are freshmanJon Swavely is one, the other is goalie Dan Sullivan.Dan Sullivan – Maine Goalie”Yeah, its important just to stay on top of things. Making sure spending free time of homework and getting caught up and ahead some times we have pretty busy days here at the rink.”Captain Tanner House turned in a 3.58.Tanner House – Maine Captain”Growing up my parents always put importance on academics coming to college I wanted to do well and have been able to do it so far and its good.”Tim Whitehead – Maine Head Coach”You don’t have any problems when your best players are your best students. You’re on the bus and Gustav and Tanner are studying and that translates to the freshman and sophomores. Its good that they see that they’re here to get my education.”***The field hockey team has been academicaly strong for years as has been swimming, cross country and others. Academic awards day at UMaine is a week from this coming Saturday.