“House in the Woods” Will Return for Second Year, Offer Care to Military Families 

It’s called “House in the Woods”. The House family in Lee lost their son and brother sergeant Joel House four years ago.Since then Paul house has made it his mission to take care of military families any way he can. Tim Throckmorton has more…***Paul House is doing just that by offering a slice of Maine to members of the military and their families. He wants them to heal as he has had to do. Last summer the House in the Woods volunteers treated solders to a fishing trip as well as hunting excursions, canoe trips and other outdoor activity.On February 12th the non profit group will hold an ice fishing fund raiser on Great Pond in Aurora.”We started out slow and small and we’ve shifted from first to second gear and this fishing derby it will bring exposure to the whole state a lot of the guys from the 101st security division the Maine Air National Guard helping with time I’m expecting several hundred people if we have a good day so its pretty exciting.”Carrying on their son Joel’s name while trying to bring Joy back to the lives of others.