Middle School Students Learn from Elders 

” Things was a lot different when we was young than it is today, ” said Bill Perkins.Perkins is one of many seniors taking time to talk to 7th graders from Bucksport Middle School about what life was like back in their day.”The children was very knowledgeable. They done a great job,” said Perkins.Irene Atwood, another senior interviewed for the project, agrees,”Their questions were remarkable.”Each student interviewed a senior, asking questions about everything from favorite memories to technology.”I was interested to see what kind of technology came out like the internet and the tv and the first person to walk on the moon,” said Kaylee Grindle, a 7th grade student.”I didn’t think that they would be as interested in our life as it was and so it was a nice surprise to find out they really were interested. Sometimes they’d ask questions that weren’t on their paper because they got that interested,” added Atwood.The kids say they heard some interesting stories from their seniors.”She rode to school on a cattle wagon and that was really interesting to see that she did that,” explained Grindle.” She used to, I guess her father and her clammed off Deer Isle and they would stick those buckets out in the road and people would come and pick them up off the road and pay them for them, so that was pretty cool,” added Justin Burgess, a 7th grade student.The seniors enjoyed the questioning as well. “It was interesting to see their expression on some of the things,” said Charlotte Snowman with a laugh.The learning doesn’t stop. The kids will continue to use the information gathered throughout the school year.” With the information that they’ve given us, we’re all gonna do projects and put them together and we’re making a slideshow with what they’ve taught us,” said Tyler DuPont, a 7th grade student.While the goal is to teach the kids a lesson in history, the seniors say, they learned a lot as well.”This keeps our history alive, makes the connection with the younger generation, I like those kids,” said Sharon Bray, “It’s one of the best experiences of my life right now,” added Justin Burgess.The students will put together a slideshow that they will show to the seniors when it is completed.