Financial Aid Experts to Help Students Prep for College 

Financial aid experts are gearing up to help local college-bound students get ready for class. For the next four weeks, staff members from the Finance Authority of Maine will host 50 workshops to guide families in filling out the FAFSA form, which is the federal student aid application.Ten of those workshops will take place this weekend during an event known as College Goal Sunday.Students can visit one of the sites and, with the help of a financial aid expert, complete the form for free.Mila Tappen with FAME say it’s not just open to high school seniors, either. “This event is important to all students that are considering school. For those adults who are looking to go back to school, I think sometimes they think they’re not eligible for financial aid but the reality is financial aid is every bit as much available to adults, as it is to high school seniors.”Organizers say financial aid is also available to every student to some degree, no matter the cost of the school or their family income. Besides College Goal Sunday, there are 40 workshops set up on various days around the state.For more information on those sessions and the ones being offered on Sunday, log on to