EPA Awards EMMC for Energy-Efficient Power Generation 

The Environmental Protection Agency is recognizing Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor for technology that’s saving money and the environment. EMMC is one of just four organizations in the country to receive the Energy Star Combined Heat and Power Award. The hospital’s operated by a co-generation plant, which makes electricity and then captures the steam that’s produced by that to heat the building, too. Hospital officials say it saves $1.3 million a year, compared to buying electricity and running boilers for heat. EPA program manager Gary McNeil says it’s also more efficient.”This translates into reducing 10,000 tons a year of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. That’s about the equivalent of taking 1,800 cars off the road.”Facilities and Emergency Preparedness Administrator Joel Farley says, “Our reliability – we are up and running 98-percent of the time. So if there were to be another ice storm or another natural disaster, we would still provide electricity. We wouldn’t go off the grid, which is pretty important if you’re a hospital.”The hospital’s been using the co-generation facility for about four years. We’re told the project has paid for itself in that time, one year ahead of schedule.