Day Nine of Hofland Trial 

After being interrupted by Friday’s snowstorm, the trial of Randall Hofland resumed in Belfast Monday.He’s accused of taking an elementary school classroom hostage on Halloween in 2008. In day 9, the jury heard from police who responded to Stockton Springs Elementary School that day.State police detective, Jason Andrews, testified that he tried talking to Hofland from outside the school’s fifth grade classroom.Police were told the students were inside with a gunman. Andrews says he called out: “Randy, no one needs to get hurt.”A few minutes later, students started coming out of the room.The last student to leave was holding a gun and holster in his hands.Andrews says Hofland walked out, with his arms in the air, muttering that he didn’t start this, and that he wanted to talk to the governor. Andrews was the state’s last witness in the case.We’re told that Hofland reserved his right to an opening statement when the trial began about two weeks ago.He may give that on Tuesday.