Brutal Cold Causes Problems For Many 

The temperatures plummeted overnight and that caused a number of headaches this morning.For some it was just a hassle to go out in the cold to start their car before they headed out for the day.But for some that car wouldn’t start and as Wayne Harvey reports that changed the morning plans for some people in the area.” I had a meeting to go to at school and I tried to start my car and just wouldn’t turn over.”After about an hour of trying it himself and with a friend, Eric Morrow called for help, and he wasn’t alone. The crew Union Street Towing took about 300 calls because of the weather.”This time of year you have everything,” says Butch Foss of Union Street Towing. ” People start their cars the ones that do start lock their keys in them so consequently we get to go unlock the doors for those folks but it’s a little of everything, flat tires, cold weather brings in everything.”If your car normally starts but won’t on one of these cold mornings, don’t wait to make the call for help.” If it doesn’t start,” said Foss.” Kind of call us immediately we have some little tricks to get it going that you’re not going to do and the longer you try it the more flooded it gets.”While a car that won’t start is annoying, the cold can also bring danger.” People attempt to use blow torches to unthaw their pipes which is definitely not recommended,” said Veazie Fire Department Lt. Nick Sirois. “Another issue that happens is that people who have trailers they have heat tape underneath which sometimes also does tend to catch fire if the heat tape is old and hasn’t been kept up so that’s something that needs to be checked on a yearly basis.”His advice to thaw those pipes is to use a hair dryer.As for Eric, he missed the 8:15 meeting, but about two hours later.” Oh my gosh I wanted to jump up but right now it’s a little cold so, but no it’ was definitely like, ahh, thank you.”