Pies on Parade 

Rockland was the place to be for pie lovers Sunday. It was the seventh annual Pies on Parade.The parade coincides with National Pie Day.Local historic inns welcome folks in to taste a variety of pies.Organizers say there were more than 55 different kinds of pies and about 500 people in attendance.Rockland was named pie town by the Food Network.Organizers say it’s a fun thing to do and all the proceeds go to their local food pantry.”The most important thing is to help the food pantry.Our local food pantry here takes the money,” Said Cheryl Michaelsen, an organizer of the event. “It stays locally in our community. It helps people in need, our neighbors with food and fuel.”Organizers say many folks leave pie-eyed and with full bellies, but they are pretty sure it’s worth it.