PICA Celebrates 25th Anniversary 

It’s a year of progression for an organization that began 25 years ago.”We’ve been through lots of changes and shifts in focus all in the same stream, but different ways of working with similar problems,” said the Co-President of P.I.C.A., Katherine Kates. The grass roots group P.I.C.A. is making some adjustments, which includes settling into a new space. A change their Director, Tom Grogan, is happy to make.”We are really happy to be able to consider celebrating our twenty fifth anniversary here in our new location right downtown.”They’ll be celebrating the move with different name.Formerly known as the Peace through Inter-American Community Action, PICA is using a simpler acronym to define their cause: Power in Community Alliances.”It means that we live to work in collaboration with other groups who locally and statewide and internationally to come together around issues that effect all of us,” said volunteer, Dennis Chinoy.They plan to start with a new campaign that will launch on February 14th called ‘Dignity for All.'”The dignity for all campaign is grounded in out relationship with Carasque ,a village in El Salvador that we’ve had a relationship with for almost 25 years.””Everyone, at least here in Bangor, we think that everybody merits equal dignity and equal respect and we try to make that into a community campaign.”