Alternative Energy Conference 

Folks could head to the University of Maine Saturday and learn about alternative energy.A student organization held their first ever Energy Conference.Folks with questions about our energy future and direction had the chance to find out all about it.”We are giving a lot of talks on the questions people have. Are these alternatives real?”Organizers say another big question folks have is rather or not global warming is real?”We have a bigger question than that. And that is are the solutions to global warming real.”The energy conference was a fundraiser for the university’s American Society of Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning Engineers organization.They hope to send five students to the conference in Las Vegas.And the students thought this would be the perfect way to raise some of that money.”One stop energy shop.””The students decided they wanted to give some value back to the industry and the community.”They say UMaine is even looking to add some energy minors and more programs.”If we’re not being conscious as the people that someday may design this system and not actually take these different things into consideration we are not doing the best we can.”This was the first year for the conference but they hope to make it an annual event.