Driving Tips for Winter Weather 

Weather like Friday’s makes things messy for drivers.We rode along with a local driving instructor to find out the proper way to handle the roads in winter weather.Like many people, Jarred Sproul had his parents help him learn how to drive.”My mother was in the car with me. She was always telling me the way to do it. If I did it wrong, we’d go back and do it again.”He’ll tell you practice makes perfect when it comes to driving. He’s the owner and an instructor at Driver’s Edge Driving School in Bangor.” If you look straight ahead of us, you’ll see a car that they haven’t even cleaned off their windows,” pointed out SproulHe says making sure windows, mirrors and lights are clear from snow is vital to being a safe driver.He also says, stay off your phone when you’re behind the wheel.” It really takes a lot of patience and intelligence to really keep the car on the road safely and when you’re talking on the phone you’re not doing any of that.”So what happens if your car starts to skid on snow or ice? Sproul says the biggest tip he gives his students is don’t panic.”Don’t start turning the wheel random directions to break the traction or to get your traction back, that will just make it worse. The best thing to do is let off the accelerator immediately and then slowly push down on the brake, and if it’s not working then you’re going to have to lock the brakes up with the ABS and have those kick in and help you out.”Sproul says take your time in the bad weather, and if you don’t have to be on the roads, don’t be.” Stay home, just enjoy it, ya know. Spend some time, read a book.”