Big Winter Storm Mean Big Business 

There’s no business like snow business.Friday’s wintry weather may have stalled traffic on the roads, but it boosted traffic for some area businesses.”The phone’s ringing off the hook all day for parts, getting stuff ready for the snow.”Scott Sutherland, owner of B and D Marine, a snowmobile shop in Brewer, says the snow is exactly what they want.Sutherland says his regular clientele of snowmobilers double as they pour into his store when it snows, but the powdery fluff also brings other customers looking to take advantage of it.”They want something to do in the snow, instead of lay on the couch”As the temperatures continue to drop, it’s also time for drivers to check their batteries.”Most batteries last roughly right around 42 months, no matter who makes them.”Al Belanger with TBA Tires, Batteries, and Accessories calls this time of year, battery season, and he expects to sell about one thousand of them a day.The sales will also create a ripple effect as customers pick up other parts for their cars to get them through the winter.”You’ll see a lot of windshield wash, things like that, the roads are slushy and people can’t see, so people are buying wiper blades are another thing people go through a lot,” he said.More snow will certainly fall this winter and that’s exactly what these owners are hoping for.”Three feet at least. We’d like to have that big storm.”A big storm that means big money.