12-Foot Snowman Greets Drivers in Holden 

He can’t sing and dance like Frosty, but a snowman in Holden is still getting a lot of attention. The 12-foot creation is the work of brothers Willie and Kevin Paine. They came up with the idea earlier this week when Willie was out of school and Kevin had the day off. Willie says the hardest part was putting on the head. They didn’t have a ladder so they climbed a stack of pallets to get the third and final snowball on top.The oversized snowman sits right on Route 1-A, near the intersection of Route 46, so Willie says it gets a lot of on-lookers. “Just as we were making it, people were just driving by and giving us the thumbs up all of the time. And after we were done, we were just taking pictures of it and people would drive by – they’d be like, ‘What???’!”Willie says they used things around the house to give the snowman a face, like plastic tubing for a mouth, spindles for the eyes and a painted bottle for the nose. He and his brother also hooked up a flood light outside, so drivers can get a good look at their creation at night. Willie says now that there’s even more snow in the front yard, they might be inspired to build their snowman a friend.