Woman Accused of Stealing Money from Town of Newburgh in Court 

The former deputy town treasurer of Newburgh, accused of stealing close to two-hundred thousand dollars from the town, appeared in court Thursday.A lot of residents who say they want justice in this case were also in the courtroom. Cindy Dunton did not enter a plea, so the judge entered a not guilty plea on her behalf.”It doesn’t happen very often. But I think what she did not want to do is to plead not guilty when she has acknowledged her guilt so many times in the past.'”Entering no plea was a conscious decision on our part just to give us as much time as possible to prepare for our future proceedings in court.”The case has been a big topic among Newburgh residents. More than a dozen of them were in the courtroom.”What’s happened has really divided the town but everybody’s in the same position on this one. They think she should pay for her crimes.'”Obviously she is embarrassed. She’s remorseful.”District Attorney Chris Almy says he expects many of those residents to speak in court prior to sentencing.”I think the people of Newburgh are upset about what happened. They have a right to be upset and I think it’s important they express their displeasure to the court about how their tax money has been stolen and that’s important to this process.””She recognizes that the town’s people have a due right to be concerned about what transpired and to feel harmed.”Dunton is due back in court in March.She could face up to ten years in prison.