Police Department Gets Cute New Member 

The Presque Isle Police Department has a new co-worker they believe will help solve hundreds of cases.He’s traveled all the way from Virginia to be part of the team.Meet beaufort. He’s not just mans best friend, he’s the newest member of the Presque Isle Police Department.”He’s taking over the department. He is mischievous and he is in everything and he is a chewer as you can see.” But the goal is that his mischievous ways will turn to curiosity, with the proper training.”He will start his training this afternoon, we will start to train him and it usually takes a year and a half to two years to finish up before he is ready to go on the road.”Beaufort is cute to look at, but he will help the Presque Isle Police Department in many cases.”He will be used for everything for missing persons search and rescue, to criminal cases burglaries assaults anywhere where a person needs to be found.”Beaufort is the second blood hound to work for the PIPD, and when their current canine hunter is ready for retirement beaufort will hopefully be ready to step into his paw prints.”Hunter has done over 800 trails, he has found for persons with alzheimer’s and two children and closed over 100 cases. So I think that’s a pretty good need.”Over the next two years, Beaufort will learn the skills necessary to become part of the crime solving team, but for now the Presque Isle Police Department will just be enjoying some puppy love.If you would like to see this story, click here.