Iraq War Veteran Honored in Calais 

”We were more worried about doing our job and getting out everyone in tact more than anything else,” said Sergeant Leonard Hanson, an Iraq War veteran who served for eight years.Sgt. Hanson will never forget when his convoy came under attack in 2005.Hanson was serving as a Corporal with the National Guard when he led his soldiers to safety during the violent attack that lasted four hours.”It’s not an event that you forget, but going through it step by step and hearing it again brings back a lot of memories,” he said.Shortly after the attack, it was recommended he receive one of the military’s highest honors, the Bronze Star.But that recommendation fell through the cracks until efforts to honor Hanson were revived with the help of Senator Susan Collins.Her office helped finish the necessary paperwork needed to complete the process.”It takes a strong person to do what Sgt. Hanson did on the battlefront,” said Sgt. Hanson’s commander Kent Cousins.Senator Collin presented the medal to Hanson, an honor her own father received for his heroism during the Battle of the Bulge.”It was my father who taught me at such a young age to honor our veterans,” Senator Collins said.Hanson says he shares the star with his unit.”It was a real close brotherhood, but at the same it’s nice to be here with my family.”