GSA Basketball Is Now On a Level Playing Field 

Basketball at George Stevens Academy is now literally played on a level playing field. This year, the Eagles have a new wood floor in their gym and everyone agrees that it’s a huge improvement over the old floor that was built in the mid-1970’s.That floor was made out of a rubber material on top of a cement foundation. When the cement began to crack, the floor began to drop. In some spots up to six inches.After last season, construction crews tore up the old floor and put in the new one. The school also added new bleachers and a fresh coat of paint. What used to be an embarrassing eyesore for the eagles is now a point of pride.Jim Murphy – GSA Athletic Director”When you notice you’re playing downhill, on one side of the basket and you notice the basket or at least directly under the basket is quite a bit different in height than the other basket, and you’re not playing at ten feet at both baskets so you notice there is a marketable difference between both baskets its really time to make a change.”