Former Newburgh Official Appears in Court 

Cindy Dunton, the former deputy town treasurer of newburgh, accused of stealing close to $200,000 from the town appeared in court Thursday morning.Dunton did not enter a plea, so the judge entered a not guilty plea on her behalf.Dunton’s attorney, Dale Thistle, says they decided not to enter a plea to give them more time to prepare for future proceedings in the case.”We need a little more time to prepare for our sentencing argument which is really what this boils down to,” Thistle told us.The case has been a hot button topic among Newburgh residents. More than a dozen of them were in the courtroom during Dunton’s arraignment.”What’s happened has really divided the town but everybody’s in the same position on this one, they think she should pay for the crimes,” said Newburgh resident Chris Yountz.If convicted, Dunton could face up to ten years in prison.A dispositional hearing is scheduled on March 14th.The trial is scheduled to begin in April.