Old Town Track & Field’s Kayla Brooks Continues to Dominate 

Old Town’s Kayla Brooks has emerged as one of the top sprinters on the high school indoor track circuit. Her love of the sport and her parents’ support have been keys to her success.It took some time for Kayla Brooks to realize that her calling was in track and field. She used to play softball and she says that she wasn’t very good. But in eighth grade, she tried out track and field and blew away the competition.Kayla Brooks is now a senior and she is still continuing to rack up medals. She’s won the 55 meter dash in all three track meets so far this season. She is happy to be who she is even though she knows nothing about her biological parents, she’s adopted. Kayla doesn’t talk much about her family situation and for her, the love of track is unmatched.”When I’m doing track, it means everything. The whole season, I focus on track. I eat, sleep, and breath track. Once I get at the meet, I can tell, ohh it’s going to be a good day or a bad day. Usually, after the 55, I can just tell. Thee 55 is my best event, so usually, I don’t have a problem with that and it just comes to me.”