Day Seven of Hofland Trial 

Wednesday saw day seven of testimony in the trial of Randall Hofland.Hofland is accused of holding students hostage at Stockton Springs Elementary School more than two years ago.Police say Hofland pulled a gun on an officer during a routine traffic stop, then left the scene, causing an eight day manhunt.On Tuesday, the jury heard from two witnesses who were at the school the day Hofland allegedly held students hostage.Gym teacher, Daniel Campbell, testified that he thought Hofland was going to pull the trigger when he pointed a gun at him.Campbell says he saw Hofland grab a fifth grader, and when he tried to intervene, Hofland pulled out the gun.Campbell was able to grab the student and leave the room.That’s when Hofland left the cafeteria and headed towards the fifth grade classroom.Fifth grade teacher, Carolyn Russell, testified that Hofland pointed a gun at her face while repeating that he didn’t want to hurt anybody. Russell said she was trying to get students from the hallway inside the classroom when Hofland chased after them and pushed open the door.She says Hofland told her the children were his protection before backing her out of the room. Both testimonies took up the majority of the day, and district attorney, Geoff Rushlau, says the witnesses from the school are some of the most important ones. “Well, we’re putting on witnesses from the school who obviously went through a very emotional experience and they’re getting, I think, very significant testimony because of that emotional experience.”We’re told that some of the students who were at the school that day are expected to testify this week.