Camden Amphitheatre Ice Rink 

A popular spot in downtown Camden will soon have a new use.Folks in Camden will be able to lace up their skates and hit the new ice rink.Folks in Camden are busy installing the new Camden Amphitheatre Ice Rink.”It’ll measure 50 by 80 and it’s for the use of the community for general skating. We hope it’ll last throughout the weather.”The grand opening for the rink will be during Camden’s Winterfest later this month. But organizers say folks can start skating as soon as it’s ready.”It’s the talk of the town. Everybody’s thrilled. They’re sharpening up their skates.”The money needed for the rink was privately raised by the Friends of the Amphitheatre Ice Rink.Michael Roy of Phi Home Designs is behind the assembly of the rink.”Last year at Winterfest, I was here attending the carnival. I have put an outdoor skating rink at my house for the last three years. So everytime I go through town, I look for flat spots that I could actually put a rink in or the potential for a rink. While I was here last year, I thought this was a great place to put an outdoor skating rink and it would enhance Winterfest.”Those who use the rink will also have a fantastic view of Camden Harbor. Roy says he expects the ice rink to draw a big crowd.”I really feel like it’s going to bring people to the outdoors and bring people into town that maybe wouldn’t come out on a Saturday and Sunday on the weekends. But now maybe will come down, enjoy skating on the rink and grab lunch in town.”The rink will be free to use and open from dawn until 8 pm, 7 days a week.