93 Year Old Business to Close 

”Across the country, a Farmers Union movement took place to help farmers. A place for them to have their goods sold and a place for them to buy goods they needed for operating their farms. There are many, many farmers unions across the country and we were one of them,” said Eben Dewitt, President of the Milo Farmers Union Corporation.For 93 years, the farmers union has run the Milo Farmers Union IGA, but the store won’t be open much longer. The business has been evicted from the building and will close on February 11th.”We’re disappointed that a 93 year old business is now coming to an end. There are a good many folks that have been supporting this store of years and years and years,” said Dewitt. One of those folks is Debbie Cunningham, she lives next door to the IGA and says she stops by at least four times a week. Cunningham says she can’t believe the store is closing. ” Shocking really. We come here a lot. When you need milk or bread, you know, you run next door and grab it.”Dewitt says they tried to find a new location, but costs are just too high. The store will offer a three week sale beginning Sunday to try and get everything on the shelves sold.Eventually, a Hannaford will move into the location.”It’ll be good to have a different place, but this one has been here for a lot of years. It will be missed greatly,” said Cunningham.They’ll have another store eventually, but the Milo Farmers Union will go out of business,” said Dewitt.Brent Slater, attorney for the owner of the building says the eviction took place because the owner wanted to sell the building.