Senator Collins Speaks to Bangor Rotary 

Senator Susan Collins gave local community leaders a progress report on Congress today – and a preview of what’s to come.Collins addressed members of the Bangor Rotary this afternoon. She used the conversation to talk about some of the ways she says lawmakers failed to act last year, such as dealing with the country’s 14-trillion dollar debt and letting a program expire that allows heavier trucks to ride throughout the highway in Maine. In light of the deadly shooting in Arizona that critically wounded a member of Congress, Collins says she expects to see new practices put in place to protect public officials.”And perhaps some bills that will introduced to deal with mental health needs that are being untreated or perhaps to limit the size of gun magazines. That will probably happen as well. But I do want the people of Maine to know that I feel very secure and I’m not going to cut back in the least on my interactions with Maine people.”Collins also addressed the need for tax reform and to control excessive federal spending. Congress is schedule to go back to work, next week.