New Bill Would Mandate CPR Training For High School Grads 

The American Heart Association introduced a new bill in Augusta today that would require Maine students to complete CPR training in order to graduate high school.Representative Anne Graham from North Yarmouth is endorsing the bill. After the announcement lawmakers had the chance to check out a series of exhibits that outlined some of the leading causes of heart attacks. Supporters of the proposed bill say, if it passes, it would mean more people would be ready to respond to sudden cardiac arrest victims and help save some lives. “I think it’s important that we, when children are graduating high school that they move on to be healthy young adults,” said Representative Graham. “And this is one little piece we can give them to use as they move on that they will use throughout their entire lives.”Representative Graham says she expects bipartisan support of the bill. Right now she says the bill still needs some sponsors but she’s hopeful it will eventually pass.