Mainer’s Flock To CMP Job Fair 

Folks from all over Maine and New England flocked to the Augusta Civic Center Tuesday for a job fair sponsored by Central Maine Power.The huge turnout isn’t surprising when you consider there’s more than 2000 jobs up for grabs.Central Maine Power is investing $1.4 billion to ramp up and improve their bulk power grid. Officials at CMP say it’s the largest single investment by a private company in Maine’s history. “It’s huge,” says sara burns, the President & CEO, CMP. “We’ve already spent $200 million and there’s 1000 people, outside of CMP employees, working for us. And the reason for the job fair is we need another 1000 by this time next year.”CMP says the five year project will create around 2100 jobs, paying out over $60 million in wages. Primary contractors and consultants from 17 companies offering jobs in all sorts of construction trades lined the civic center, looking for future employees. Tyler Eaton, from Local 104, IBEW was at the job fair looking for lineworkers. “What we’re looking for are people that are looking for entry level jobs or we’re also looking for people that want to make a career of being an outside industry line worker through our apprenticeship program,” he said.In Maine’s job starved economy, people braved the slippery conditions to try and take advantage of this opportunity. “I’m just looking for a labor job to get back in the workforce,” said Raymond Heal of Windham. “I need something full time. This is a good opportunity. There’s a lot of jobs here. A lot of money involved so. Same reason everybody else is here you know.” John Moore of Dover Foxcroft was hoping to get a job as a lineman. “I’m excited,” he said. “Excited for everybody in Maine. This is the best thing that could have happened right now in Maine in this economy.” Governor LePage made an appearance as well. As he walked the room, he said the larger than expected turnout was bittersweet. “It surprises me and it’s good and bad,” the Governor said. “Good because we’re looking to hire people sad that so many people are at work.” Folks here hope an infrastructure project of this magnitude is just what the doctor ordered to help kick start Maine’s economy.