Hofland Trial Continues Wednesday 

Wednesday marks day seven of testimony in the trial of Randall Hofland, the man accused of holding students hostage at Stockton Springs Elementary School more than two years ago. Police say Hofland pulled a gun on an officer during a routine traffic stop, then left the scene, causing an eight day manhunt.Prosecutors are expected to continue calling witnesses from the school today.Yesterday afternoon, the jury in Belfast heard from witnesses who were at the school the day hofland allegedly brought a gun inside.Bus driver, Glen Larrabee, testified Hofland pointed a gun directly at a student. Larrabee says school employee, Marcia Williams, asked him to monitor a man who was in the cafeteria. Larrabee says when he walked into the cafeteria, Hofland was playfully grabbing the kids.When he told Hofland not to touch the children, Hofland grabbed a student by the shirt.Larrabee says he told him again not to touch the students, at which point Hofland put the boy in a headlock. Larrabee testified hofland pulled out a gun and pointed it at the student.The student was able to get away, but Larrabee says Hofland pointed the gun directly at him before walking out of the cafeteria.Williams also took the stand today. She says she had a brief exchange with Hofland in the school, felt uneasy, and decided to call 911.