YWCA Helps Village In Africa 

It’s the sound of a celebration happening on the other side of the world.”A local woman who is a friend of the YW has finally opened a library in Gambia.,” the President of the club’s Board of Directors, Karen Mcfarland.As members of the Jambanjelly Village in Gambia cut the ribbon to their new library, the YWCA in Bar Harbor did the same.”The Y has been helping all those years with fundraising.” They started raising money for it more than a decade ago when former board member, Anne Smallidge, decided she wanted to help the village she spent time in as part of the Peace Corps. Smallidge believed a library would be an invaluable resource.”well, it’s huge to even have books and to have pencils and you know paper and it’s huge for them.”Now, because of donations, the people of Jambanjelly will have have all of those things and more.”There will be a connection probably forever.”Only made stronger by the memories of their accomplishment.