Snow Ice Cream Recipe 

1 cup Milk ( Condensed or Half and Half also works)½ cup of sugar1 tablespoon vanilla extractA “dash” of salt5 cups of fresh clean snowGrab 5 cups of fresh snow and put it in a large mixing bowl.Then, in a separate bowl, combine a cup of milk, a half cup of sugar, a table spoon of vanilla extract and a dash of salt-then mix all that together and pour it onto the snow, mix and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours then serve.You’re probably wondering if it’s safe to eat snow ice cream, so we checked it out and experts said as long as it’s pristine freshly fallen snow, it’s okay to eat in moderation.Just don’t eat it too fast– or you could get a brain freeze!Freeze for an hour or two then serve. Recipe Courtesy: Dawn Fisher