Day 5 of Randall Hofland Trial 

The trial of Randall Hofland, the man accused of holding students hostage at Stockton Springs Elementary School more than 2 years continued Friday.Police say Hofland pulled a gun on an officer during a routine traffic stop the night of October 23rd, 2008, then fled the scene, causing an 8-day manhunt before holding students hostage.Thursday was the prosecution’s turn. Friday Hofland cross examined. He says he couldn’t Thursday because he was without an ink pen, something that he says cost him 14 hours of prep time.Taking the stand was officer Eric Bonney who took part in the routine traffic stop that night.Bonney testified he was basically standing in the driveway Hofland pulled into after taking off.He said Hofland told him to get out of the way.Bonney said he did not see Hofland with a gun that night.Searport Police Chief Richard LeHaye took the stand too. He once again testified that he wasn’t near officer Jessica Danielson when she was stopping Hofland, but headed in her direction when he realized she was yelling “he’s got a gun.”The trial will continue on Tuesday.