Chris Ewing and Todd Simcox Lose Big 

It’s been twelve weeks since TV-5 meteorologist Todd Simcox and Chris Ewing began the Y’s Biggest Mover program and now it’s the moment we’ve all be waiting for…just how much did our biggest movers lose in all.After plenty of sweat and hard work their final totals were determined today.Chris’s final weight came in at 235.8 pounds, which means he lost a total of 25. 6 pounds or 9. 8 percent of his total body weight.Todd on the other hand weighed in at a total of 248.4 pounds, losing a total of 32.4 pounds or 11.5 percent of his body weight.There were nine teams who competed in this round of the program and in all they lost over 580 pounds.The biggest mover of each group was given a makeover at Anthony Johns and our very own Todd Simcox was the biggest mover of his group so he was given that added perk.If you’re interested in shaping up like Chris and Todd did, you should think about going to the information session for the next round of the Y’s Biggest Mover.There will be two meetings held this Monday, January 17th.One at noon and the other at 6 p.m.