After Ten Years, Former Stinson Cannery Gets New Owner 

The Stinson Cannery in Belfast has sat idle for ten years but this summer, it’ll have a new look when it opens as the Frontstreet Shipyard, a project that’s been ten months in the making.”First there was a negotiation phase, then we found out the city was involved and there was another layer to the negotiation process,” said JB Turner.Turner of the Kenway Corporation is part of a group of marine industry owners that bought the area.He will manage the shipyard. He says the shipyard will bring high paying jobs to a city that currently has a 9-percent unemployment rate.The shipyard will include boatbuilding and repairs. It will service tidal energy projects too. And a ripple is expected to bring business to the shops and restaurants nearby.”These ships bring in crews, bring in owners and they want to have those amenities while they’re staying here,” said Belfast Economic Director Thomas Kittredge.Kittredge believes this is the perfect project.”People right now go over the Route One bridge over the Passagassawakeag River and they see an eyesore and dismiss Belfast because they don’t want to look at it, now they’re going to see something much different.” Something different that he hopes Belfast can build on.