Whoopie Pie May Become Official Dessert Of Maine 

Not long ago, Moxie was named the official soft drink of Maine.Now, Rep. Paul Davis of Sangerville has teamed with a member of the University of Maine Foundation to sponsor legislation that would give Maine another signature item.If you’ve ever lived in, or even passed through Maine, and own a sweet tooth, chances are you’ve tried a whoopie pie.Back in 2009, the whoopie pie took over Dover-Foxcroft for a day at the first ever whoopie pie festival, bringing 4000 people to double the town’s population for a day. “It was a huge economic shot in the arm for the town of Dover-Foxcroft,” said Davis. “You couldn’t find a place to park in the whole town.”When Rep. Davis was approached by Amos Orcutt of the University of Maine Foundation to sponsor a bill making the whoopie pie the official dessert of Maine, he jumped on the idea. “If it will create employment in Pisacataquis county, then I’m all for it,” Davis said.Now the news is spreading to whoopie pie lovers all over, including at Big G’s in Winslow, where they make around 700 of these decadent treats every week. People like Nicole Savoy of Augusta are all for the idea. “I think it’s a great representation of Maine,” she says. “It’s one of our classic desserts, certainly a regional thing. I love that we have a state soda with moxie. It’s great I love it.” Gerald Michaud is the co-owner of Big G’s and says the whoopie isn’t just a good choisce but the only choice for Maine’s signature dessert. “It has to be, no doubt it has to be,” he says. “So many other reputable places, well known places, selling whoopie pies. It has to be.”If the whoopie pie does in fact become Maine’s official dessert, it could mean bigger business for places like Big G’s. “It’s fun,” says Michaud. “It’s all fun. Keeping it in Maine and having fun with it that’s what’s important to me.”