Sprinkler System Saves Waterville Apartment Building 

Waterville fire officials are looking for the cause of an afternoon fire at an apartment building.Fire Chief David Lafontaine says it was called in by a neighbor who noticed smoke coming from under a door in the building on Hathaway street.When fire crews arrived, they found a fire in an apartment that was being kept under control by the sprinkler system.Firefighters quickly put the rest of it out. Residents were evacuated and watched from the street. “So we looked outside and it was so foggy and smoke everywhere, so I just went back in my apartment and was like yeah whatever didn’t even think anything of it,” says Deeans Buker. She realized quickly the situation was more serious. “Then I was like what’s going on and people were like fire department is here get out. So I grabbed my cat, first thing, grabbed my kitten and ran out.”Firefighters say thanks to the sprinkler system, they were able to contain the damage to one apartment. The people who live in that apartment were not home.