Pennsylvania Man Sentenced for Illegally Trapping in Maine 

A Pennsylvania man who illegally trapped a Canada lynx in northern Maine has been sentenced to a week in jail. Prosecutors say 41-year-old William McCoy of Fayetteville, Pa., was sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty to possession and transportation of a Canada lynx, which is designated as threatened under the federal law. U.S. Attorney Thomas E. Delahanty II says court records indicated McCoy continued to set illegal traps during the 2008 trapping season after being warned that his traps didn’t comply with Maine rules intended to prevent the unintended capture of lynx and other species. In December 2008 wardens discovered a dead lynx near McCoy’s traps in Stacyville. Prosecutors say McCoy had removed the dead cat from his trap and left it 50 yards away. (AP)